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Consumer Tissue

We develop our brands of bathroom tissue,
paper towels, napkins and facials for Latin American
Suave Gold
It is the premium brand that represents the maximum expression of smoothness and skin care. It is a regional brand present in South America, Central America and the Caribbean.
It is a brand of great regional recognition for its superior quality. It has the ideal balance of strength, softness and performance. Present in more than 10 countries in Central, South America and the Caribbean.
Nube Blanca
Emblematic brand in Central America offering practical and profitable personal hygiene products (hygienic, napkins and kitchen towels).
The leading and emblematic brand of Panama. The best performance and softness proposal on the market.
White Cloud
It is the Premium brand of Trinidad. The maximum expression of softness and skin care.
Soft Pretty
It is a traditional and favorite brand in Anglo Caribbean homes for more than 25 years.
Soft Weave
It offers a complete, high-quality portfolio to meet the care and hygiene needs of Caribbean homes.
Suave Ultra
It is an optimistic and contemporary brand. It offers the perfect balance between softness and resistance. It has a significant presence in the Caribbean.
Nature Soft
The eco-friendly brand. Made from 100% recycled paper, offering soft, absorbent and affordable products.
Leading brand in Panama. It offers resistance and absorption for multiple uses in the home.
The ideal brand for your table, your kitchen and your business. For those looking for a good quality product, with a variety of presentations and a good price.