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Our Plants are FSC™ certified

Our plants GrandBay - Papeles Nacionales S.A. (Colombia), GrandBay - Papelera Internacional (Guatemala) and GrandBay - Paper Products (Trinidad & Tobago) with FSC™ certification, which provides a guarantee that products sold with an FSC™ claim originate from well-managed forests, controlled sources or recovered materials.

ToscoTec will supply a tisu line

Toscotec will supply a new line of latest technology Tissue paper to GrandBay National Papers in Colombia

Committed to fostering a work environment

In Grandbay we are committed to promoting a work environment based on respect, trust, transparency, good interpersonal relationships and excellent communication. That is why we always look at becoming the best place to work and conserve an organizational culture seeking the quality of life and conditions worthy of our human capital. #ValorporLrespeto

Donation to the Cancer Society

Once again our willingness and commitment in the fight against breast cancer is present. That is why our White Cloud brand has entered a special edition to support this cause, which uses part of the proceeds from each product as a donation to the Cancer Society of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our campaign the roll is to leave Footprint

In the month that commemorates the fight against breast cancer, we have joined the awareness with our Suave Gold brand in Colombia. With our campaign El Rollo es dejar Huella we seek to support Amser in educating about the early detection of breast cancer. 

We join the campaign against cancer

At GrandBay Paper & Care Products we join the campaign against cancer. In Panama our brand Rosal contributes to the detection project with a solution for Fundacáncer to continue its work to fight breast cancer. Join the roll of helping!

Collaboration with the FANA foundation on this new packaging

At GrandBay we are proud to collaborate with the FANA Foundation in this new packaging, with the same quality and softness as always, we seek to provide a message of love. 

Renewal of your image

An important part of the innovation of our products includes the renewal of their image, which is why we launched the special edition Minions, a fresh and fun proposal with these friendly characters.

Our corporation continues to grow

Our corporation continues to grow and we are very proud of the opening of our new Painsa offices in Panama.

Commercial Workshop 2022

At GRAND BAY we kicked off our "Commercial Workshop 2022" with the participation of more than 120 people from the leadership teams and commercial teams from all of our operations: Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Dominican Republic.

Paper Towel Portfolio

A portfolio of paper towels made by Panamanians who know quality and who create products adapted to the demands of Panamanian families.

We launched our Rosal Antibacterial Paper Towel in Central America

We launched our Rosal Antibacterial Paper Towel in Central America. These paper towels contain Silver Ions that help eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces.

Committed to the environment

Committed to the environment, we make the most of the photovoltaic plant to produce our products with clean energy.

We believe in history

We believe in history, our history, which is built day by day, from its foundation to the internationalization of our corporation, every step we have taken has brought us here, that is why we honor our history and strive day by day to continue building it .

Meet our consumers

That is why our production never stops and is constantly growing, innovating with new technologies to better cover the needs of Central American families with quality products and affordable prices.

Best wishes from the GrandBay family.

It is time to reflect, thank and share, receive the best wishes from the Grand Bay family.

We develop Nube Blanca Total Hygiene

We developed Nube Blanca Total Hygiene, an innovation designed to provide greater security to our consumers, reaffirming the harmlessness and safety of our products to our consumers' homes.

We believe in innovation

That is why we are constantly improving our products by introducing new processes and technology, always seeking to improve the lives of our consumers.

Friend of the planet

We are proud to be part of activities that contribute not only to the environment, but to each of the people who collaborated to create a new experience that benefits our planet.

Recognized by Kantar Brand Footprint 2022

Grateful to all the families in Panama that have allowed us to be part of their homes to be recognized by Kantar Brand Footprint 2022 in the Home Care sector as the #2 brand in Panama. Our greatest recognition is your preference. #kantarbrandfootprint #panama #MostChosenBrands

Recognition for Kantar Brand Footprint 2022

Thanks to all the families that have allowed us to be part of their homes, today we are recognized by Kantar Brand Footprint 2022 in the Home Care sector as the #1 brand in Guatemala and #5 in all of Central America. Thanks. The greatest recognition is your preference. #kantarbrandfootprint #MostChosenBrands

New GrandBay Panasa Plant

We are proud to inaugurate our new Costellation line at our GrandBay Panasa plant in Colombia. Designed to meet new challenges with maximum quality and speed.

New Rosal Portfolio

At GrandBay - Papelera Internacional, we launched our new Rosal brand portfolio in Central America with 4 new specialized products: Absorbe Rapido: Maximum absorption speed. Absorbe Grasa: Maximum absorption of oils and fats. Absorbe Diaria: The ideal size to take it everywhere. Antibacterial: With silver ions that help disinfect surfaces making them safer.

Our Iconic brand in Panama Unico

Our Iconic brand in Panama: Unico, a brand that has grown with generations and generations of Panamanians, always providing products of the highest quality.


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