Reporting “Hotline”

New Hotline

Consistent with our values ​​of Integrity and Trust, we make no concessions in terms of ethical and professional standards. We believe in honesty in all senses, in respect and fairness in dealing with our collaborators, clients, suppliers and communities to which we belong as essential for the business activity that we develop. This is why, in order to achieve the highest standards of ethics and integrity in business, we have implemented a simple and secure reporting line, where, ensuring anonymity and confidentiality, we allow people who know or suspect of any activity that could imply a violation of laws, the values ​​or guiding principles of GrandBay or its affiliated companies, or its Code of Conduct, to be able to report it to the Company and allow its investigation.
The maximum file size is 5MB (JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, DOC, PPTX, .PPT)
If you wish to be contacted to respond to your complaint, please complete the following information. All information entered on this reporting site is confidential.